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Blissful Moon Bakery

Rustic Vintage Berries Cake

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Rustic Vintage Berries Cake

As I gaze upon this stunning rustic vintage berries cake, my mind drifts off to a simpler time. A time when the world was not as complex and fast-paced as it is today. A time when people took the time to appreciate the small things in life, such as the beauty of nature and the joy of sharing a delicious homemade dessert with loved ones.

This cake is a true masterpiece, a work of art that exudes rustic charm and vintage elegance. The layers of moist, fluffy cake are infused with the delicate aroma of vanilla, and the tangy sweetness of fresh berries bursts forth with every bite. The icing on top is a perfect balance of creamy and tangy, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that is simply irresistible.

The presentation of this cake is equally impressive, with its rough-hewn edges and natural, earthy tones. The carefully placed berries and twigs give it a sense of being freshly plucked from a wild garden, adding to its rustic appeal.

This cake is more than just a dessert; it is a symbol of the simple pleasures in life. It reminds us to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, to take the time to savor the flavors and enjoy the company of those we hold dear. So let us take a moment to indulge in this heavenly creation, and bask in the warmth of its vintage charm.

Delivery T&Cs

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Cake Sizing

Classic Size -
4 Inch: 2-5 Pax
6 Inch: 6-10 Pax
8 Inch: 15-20 Pax

Tall Size -
4 Inch: 6 -8 Pax
6 Inch: 10-15 Pax
8 Inch: 20-25 Pax

Two Tier -
4" by 6": 15-20 pax
Tall 4" by 6": 20-25 pax
6" by 8": 40-50 pax
8" by 10": 70-80 pax

Three Tier -
4" by 6" by 8": 80-90 pax
6" by 8" by 10": 130-140 pax

Important Note

- All the decorations in the photo will be included.

- For other toppers, kindly purchase it here.

- Please note that there may be a slight variation for the design as they are all handmade by our team.

- For other cake sizes that you wish to order, kindly Whatsapp us at 8522 8207.

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