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Blissful Moon Bakery

Pink Vintage Floral Petal Cake

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Pink Vintage Floral Petal Cake

Step into a world of charm and be captivated by the sensitive magnificence of our Pink Vintage Flower Petal Cake. This confectionary perfect work of art may be a confirmation to creativity, tastefulness, and the sprouting ponders of nature. Layers of delicate cake, embellished in a delicate become flushed tone, cascade with beauty, taking after layers of petals on a perfect blossom.

Each cut may be a travel into a plant of flavors, where the delicate notes of vanilla and clues of fragrant rose interlace, creating a symphony of taste that delights the faculties. Peonies, roses, and blooms, each petal a stroke of eatable flawlessness, welcome you to celebrate the magnificence of life's valuable minutes. Whether it's a wedding, an commemoration, or a celebration of love, our Pink Vintage Botanical Petal Cake is the exemplification of elegance and advancement, and will serve as a centerpiece that clears out hearts aflutter.

Drench yourself within the sentiment and charm it radiates, and let it transport you to a domain where each cut could be a confirmation to the fragile and transitory magnificence of nature. Yield to the appeal of this eatable magnum opus and make recollections as sweet and eternal as the petals themselves.

At Blissful Moon, our birthday cakes are moist, soft and less sweet which are no doubts the crowd's favourite. We are an online bakery that specialised in customised cakes and customised cupcake to bring out the creativity of everyone's ideal best birthday cake.

Delivery T&Cs

- Please ensure that recipient would be home within the stipulated timing.

- Our delivery personnel will stay at each location for a maximum of 15 minutes. Any missed deliveries would incur a $15 redelivery fee and depend on availability.

- Please make sure to provide the complete address before placing any order.

- We would need a minimum of 3 days' notice for any changes to the delivery address.

Cake Sizing

Classic Size -
4 Inch: 2-5 Pax
6 Inch: 6-10 Pax
8 Inch: 15-20 Pax

Tall Size -
4 Inch: 6 -8 Pax
6 Inch: 10-15 Pax
8 Inch: 20-25 Pax

Two Tier -
4" by 6": 15-20 pax
Tall 4" by 6": 20-25 pax
6" by 8": 40-50 pax
8" by 10": 70-80 pax

Three Tier -
4" by 6" by 8": 80-90 pax
6" by 8" by 10": 130-140 pax

Important Note

- All the decorations in the photo will be included.

- For other toppers, kindly purchase it here.

- Please note that there may be a slight variation for the design as they are all handmade by our team.

- For other cake sizes that you wish to order, kindly Whatsapp us at 8522 8207.

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    Free delivery for all orders.

    Sentosa/Tuas: +$15
    Specific 1 Hour Slot: +$15

  • Delivery Time

    Monday to Saturday:
    09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
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    03:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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