How to Pick the Correct Cake Size for Your Celebration!

How to Pick the Correct Cake Size for Your Celebration!

There are many important factors to consider when you’re looking to purchase a cake from us, regardless of whether it’s a birthday cake, a wedding cake, or an anniversary cake. The recipient’s favourite flavour, hobbies and interests, and theme, all have to be carefully considered if you’re planning on making the birthday cake gift as special as possible.

But perhaps the most overlooked yet essential aspect of buying a cake is its size. The perfect cake size can vary greatly depending on the occasion and the guest list. With this blog post, we hope to guide you into choosing the most appropriate size for the cake you’re purchasing!


Classic 4”

Baby Pink Princess Crown Korean Cake

So much beauty and deliciousness in such a little cake! This is the smallest size we offer for one-tier cakes! A cake of the Classic 4” size is perfect for anyone who is on a budget, or simply wishes to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary with themselves or with just a few people! Customised cakes of this size can serve up to 6 people! 

Classic 6”

Gray Stroke Princess Crown Cake

The next step up in size is the Classic 6”. Customised cakes that come with a gorgeous crown usually at this size, since the surface of the birthday cake or anniversary needs to be large enough to fit the magnificent crown! We’d heavily recommend the Classic 6” to people who are holding a moderately-sized party for their birthday! The Classic 6” can serve from 6 to 10 people!

Classic 8”

Longevity Red Stroke Mahjong Cake

This is the second largest one-tier cake size that we have! The Classic 8” is the best choice for anyone who wants something a bit grand but not overly extravagant for their birthday party or anniversary celebration! The Classic 8” is capable of satisfying up to 15-20 people, so no worries you have a large guest list!

Classic 10”

Want to go one level higher and try out our biggest one-tier customised cake? Well, take a good look at our Classic 10" cakes! Do you have a ton of people coming over to attend your celebration? You might be worried about not having enough cake for all of them! Worry no more with the Classic 10" cake! The Classic 10" is able to satisfy up to 25-30 pax, and ensure that your celebration will have everyone leaving happily!



Classic 4” by 6”

Slanted White Stroke Floral Wedding Cake

Our first and most common type of two-tier cakes! Two-tier customised cakes are most commonly chosen by our customers when they need a wedding cake with a modest guest list, or if their birthday party will have significantly more attendees larger than most birthday parties usually do! Classic 4” by 6” cakes are roughly similar to 8” cakes in terms of people that it can feed (about 15-20 pax), but is a tremendously preferable choice if you 1) want to choose more than one flavours, and 2) if you love the design that our two-tier cakes have!

Classic 6” by 8”

Chinese Traditional Love Bear Wedding Cake

Ah, a more luxurious version of the previous cake we introduced! The Classic 6” by 8” are the largest of our two-tier cakes! We wholeheartedly recommend these if you’re having a grand celebration! This is our loyal customers’ most common choice when they’re looking for a wedding cake, as this enormous beauty is capable of serving up to 40-50 people!


Classic 4” by 6” by 8”

Baby Blue Stroke Wedding Floral Cake

This is the largest cake size that we offer on Blissful Moon Bakery! Featuring all three sizes, 4”, 6”, and 8”, for each tier combined to make this one magnificent enormous customised cake! This is the most luxurious cake size you can possibly purchase from Blissful Moon Bakery. If you want a wedding cake for a ton of attendees and wish for them to gasp in awe when they see the cake, we recommend this! The three-tiered Classic 4” by 6” by 8” cake can serve from 80-90 people and satisfy everyone on your guest list!


We hope we’ve satisfied all your burning questions about cake sizes, and that we’ve helped put to rest any doubts you have about what size you should go with! But if you still have any questions at the back of your mind that you wish to resolve before making a purchase with us, please feel free to contact us!

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