How To Pick The Best Wedding Cakes

How To Pick The Best Wedding Cakes

What is a celebration if there is no cake? Additionally, balloons, but we'll talk about that later. Since this is one of your largest events in life, it is worthwhile to spend more money on a fantastic wedding cake. Even if you don't know much about wedding cakes (other than the fact that they're amazing), the more informed you are, the better selections you will make. Here are our best suggestions to help you choose the ideal sweet.

The moment the newlyweds get to cut the wedding cake in front of their loved ones and friends is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is crucial for the bride and groom to make sure they have the nicest cake that is unique and personalized in order to create a priceless romantic memory. The wedding cake normally looks lovely during the ceremony, and everyone in attendance will be watching when the newlywed couple quickly slices into it. 

Discuss Your Wedding Cakes With Your Partner

One of the highlights of your wedding planning should be selecting the wedding cake. Before placing your order, look through the designs you prefer, discuss flavors, then indulge at the crucial cake tasting. The most important factor is to enjoy the process. 


Predict The Number Of Guests 

As some designs are only compatible with specific sizes, this is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. Consult your cake designers about this. Identify whether the cake will be consumed by all the guests or is just for display. You can purchase a whole dummy cake if it's just for display, but it defeats the whole point since enjoying a wonderful cake should be a part of the romantic wedding process. For weddings, the majority of clients choose at least two or three tiers so that it can serve as the centerpiece and be seen clearly from all sides. 

We offer free cake delivery in Singapore across the entire island for cakes with two tiers or more! Trust the delivery to our skilled in-house drivers, and we'll make sure it arrives safely.

Cake Tasting

Do not compromise taste for the look of the cake. Make sure you love how the cake tastes. Choose a cake flavours that you personally love because ultimately its your wedding! Our best selling cake flavours would be Japanese Strawberry Short Cake and Double Chocolate. 

Should I Pick Buttercream or Fondant? 

We have received many questions whether our cakes are buttercream or fondant. Yes, buttercream is much more delicious than fondant. At Blissful Moon Bakery, We don't make entire fondant cakes since we are aware of how not delicious they are and we only want our customers to have the best cake flavour. For special figurine, we have to use fondant to craft them in order to achieve the design. Buttercream are smooth, silky and delicious. Apart from that, our cakes are all made with 100% buttercream & fresh cream fillings. 

Will My Cake Melt?

If cakes are not stored properly, they will all melt. If your venue has a refrigerator, that would be ideal, but if not, we advise you to select an hourly delivery window so that we may deliver near to your wedding ceremony.


Pick a Wedding Cake Design

Choose a cake that's compatible with the style of the venue, the season, your gown, the flower arrangements or the menu. If you want colorful accents, send your designers some inspiration cake photos or mood board as it will really helps! 
Speak with your cake designer if you want to add a specific element to the cake, such as a figurine of you and your partner. Give the designer as much details as you can about your wedding, including your dress, the color scheme, the theme, the location, the flowers, and even the cuisine. Your ideal wedding cake will start to take shape as you work together with your cake designer, and the completed product will be an original masterpiece.

Choose a Trusted Cake Shop

Find out from your friends and relatives if they can recommend any good cake shops. If they have, you can surely trust them! However, be sure that the cake shop has the style or designer that you are looking for. At Blissful Moon Bakery, we have done and delivered over thousands of wedding cakes. We have received numerous positive reviews regarding our cake flavours and cake designs - these 2 are ultimate important factors. 

Planning a wedding might be exhausting, but keep in mind that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you should enjoy it with your partner. Our admin team would be able to guide you along the cake ordering process, speak with us via WhatsApp +65 9030 9729. 

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