How to Make the Right Choice With Our 12 Amazing Cake Flavours!

How to Make the Right Choice With Our 12 Amazing Cake Flavours!

There are many important aspects to consider when choosing the perfect birthday cake. How big does it have to be? How many servings do I have to give out? Is the theme appropriate and does it match the hobbies and interests of the birthday boy or girl?

All of those are essential questions, but we at Blissful Moon Bakery would contend that none of those things is as important as choosing a flavour that you enjoy! Every single birthday cake or wedding cake that Blissful Moon Bakery offers comes with a choice between 12 different delicious cake flavours! If you’re ordering a two-tier cake, you can even have a different flavour for each tier!

But of course, you might not know how each of those 12 flavours tastes, and it would be mighty difficult for you to try all 12, so we’re writing this blog post in an effort to help you figure out which one would be your favorite! We’re starting with the 6 of 12 flavours, and we’ll follow up with the rest in a part 2!

Whether you’re struggling with this flavour choice over a birthday cake you’re looking to get for your girlfriend’s 21st birthday, or for your son or daughter’s 5th birthday, all these questions must be fully answered before you can make the perfect choice in cakes!

Chocolate Banana

The easy and obvious choice for people who are fans of both delicious chocolate and the amazing fruit of banana! If you enjoy qualities such as smooth, sweet, and creamy, then you’ll absolutely adore our Chocolate Banana flavour! Every customised cake that comes with this flavour is slightly sweet but with a rich finish! Try it once and you’ll be wanting more and more!

Cookie Butter / Speculoos

Cookie Butter / Speculoos has a creamy texture but a sweet, slightly spicy flavour! This incredibly indulgent and distinctive flavour is a big hit with our customers. If you enjoy peanut butter but want to try an alternative, or perhaps you enjoy cookie butter spread, rest assured that you’ll absolutely fall in love with this flavour of ours! This flavor is well-received by people who enjoy a sweet flavour!

Double Chocolate Crunch

The most decadent of flavours! This flavour is absolutely bursting with extra-rich chocolatey goodness. Not only is our double chocolate cake moist and light, but we have added delicious crunchy bits to give you extra crunchiness when you sink your teeth into the delicious cake! We use premium dark chocolate to limit the sweetness, and it leaves a slightly bitter taste, one that all double chocolate fans will love! If you’re unsure as to which cake flavour to get, we can tell you that the ‘Double Chocolate Crunch’ is a crowd-pleaser!

Earl Grey Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular flavors used in cakes. They come with a sweet floral taste, and with their fragrant and sweet profile, they add a unique flavour to every cake that they’re added to! Combine that with Earl Grey, which comes with a distinctive citrus flavour, and you’ll find that the two blended together are a perfect match as the citrus profile pairs perfectly with the softer sweetness of lavender!

Fresh Strawberry Short Cake

Ah, this is a flavour that you’re probably familiar with already! Made with the freshest of strawberries, the shortcake flavour is sweet and comes packed with a crispy texture. It’s soft and moist, and is an incredibly popular flavour with children! So, if the main recipient of your customised cake is going to be your son or daughter, we’d heartily recommend this flavour to them!

Hojicha White Chocolate

Hojicha is a roasted green tea that hails from Japan! It has a unique roasted aroma, with a nutty, sweet, and naturally earthy taste that bewitches everyone who tastes it! Now we combine it with White Chocolate, which is rich, sweet, and buttery with hints of milk and vanilla! These two flavours are a match made in heaven, and is one of the most popular flavours with our loyal customers! This cake flavour is a big hit with our older customers. If the beneficiary of your delicious cake is going to be your mother or father, whether they’re celebrating their 50th birthday or 65th birthday, we recommend this flavour for them!

Regardless of what choice you make, we guarantee you that your flavour of choice will be of great satisfaction to you, and also be a big hit to all your friends and family who’re tasting the same awesome flavour! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp!

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